mercoledì 2 maggio 2012

Contest Mojo


From  1 to 31 May, will open the first photo contest organized by MOJO.

First prize: 50.000 Linden.

Second prize: a fat package  of skin.

Third Prize: a bundle pack of skins.

Participation in the contest does not require any registration, to participate  is realy simply , just use our skins in your pictures  and publish, one or more, on the flickr page of our group


So, use your creativity, imagination and have fun!

Best Regards

MOJO Staffs

Basic rules for the validity of your shots:

1. Is mandatory use one of our skins (no limitation on the type of shot).

2. No limit to the number of pictures that may be published by one person.

3. The photographs should be published in the following page of Flickr.

4. The photos must be published from 1 and no later than 31 May, all photos posted over the expiration date, will not be considered for the competition.

* We reserve the right to delete all the pictures that do not respect the our standard and the common decency.


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