sabato 22 dicembre 2012

Autumn and love

skin: Mystic Canvass - Cindy Lauper Skin [SINGER ICON FAIR]
hair: booN Hair - YNO421 hair black
shape: DollShit - Amy Winehouse [SINGER ICON FAIR]
eyes: Mojo - real eyes without light B_135

dress: CandyMetal - K.P. Leopard Dress [SINGER ICON FAIR]
shoe: PaperBag - Nikkal Ankle Boot [SINGER ICON FAIR]
necklace: LC - Chanel Letter Necklace
bracelet: Mandala - Pearl Rain Bracalet/White
necklace: Mandala - Pearl Rain Necklace/White
nails: I <3FashiOn - RiRi Nails / RiRi Watch Gold [SINGER ICON FAIR]
earring:  LP - Indulge Earring 2.0 [Gold] [SINGER ICON FAIR]
glasses: Luckie - Fishnet Bow Glasses (Black) [SINGER ICON FAIR]

pose: Retro' - 63

<3 special thanks to Ramona <3


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